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Accounting, Demystified


Words such as ‘FINANCES’ and ‘TAX CODE’ bring one phrase to mind: CAPABLE HANDS.


The complicated world of accounting is filled with countless codes, regulations, and penalties. Individuals and small business owners alike want to know that their goals will be not only managed, but also protected.

McClain Accounting, LLC was established to help individuals and small business owners solve their financing and tax issues. The ultimate goal is to help clients understand and comply to the tax code. Compliance is key!

Guided by extensive experience, we identify and execute strategies for tax filing and business formations, while also maintaining responsive client relationships.

McClain Accounting

McClain Accounting is experienced with handling personal and small business tax issues.  We have over 10 years of experience in the field, and possess extensive knowledge in IRS requirements and regulations, individual and business tax return preparation, and payroll reports for small business owners.

We work with not only clients, but also local and federal agencies by helping solve issues and discuss concerns involving tax-related problems.

Quality and customer service is the core of our business approach, and it contributes to our responsiveness and sensitivity to our clients. We recognize that tax filings should be prompt and should not take months to prepare.

We are adept at getting the maximum return and working for our clients in a way that benefits them based on their goals and strategies.

Our office staff keeps up with the latest news and changes to the tax code in order to provide individuals and businesses the greatest possible benefits to help them adjust their annual strategies.       


Full-Service Accounting

McClain Accounting is a full-service accounting firm with particular emphasis in individual and small business return tax preparation, bookkeeping, sales tax, and BP claims.

We possess a deep understanding of the tax system. We are skilled in various tax software including QuickBooks, and knowledgeable in legal forms such as individual (1040) & business (1065, 1120s & 1120) returns, parish & state sales tax, and payroll reports (941’s, 940, etc) as well as W-2 and 1099 forms. We are also familiar with the various options in payroll accounting and software to help our clients prepare returns. 

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"I have used McClain Accounting for both my personal and business accounting needs for the past several years and I can say without a doubt that Vanessa and her team are fantastic! McClain Accounting is professional, easy to work with and always looking out for the client's best interest. I would recommend McClain Accounting to anyone looking for an excellent CPA for all of your personal and/or small business accounting needs."

-Samantha W.  (Google Review)

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