Words such as ‘finances’ and ‘tax code’ bring one phrase to mind: Capable hands.

The complicated world of accounting is filled with countless codes, regulations, and penalties. Individuals and small business owners alike want to know that their goals will be not only managed, but also protected.

McClain Accounting, LLC was established to help individuals and small business owners solve their financing and tax issues. The ultimate goal is to help clients understand and comply to the tax code. Compliance is key!

Guided by extensive experience, we identify and execute strategies for tax filing and business formations, while also maintaining responsive client relationships.

Vanessa McClain is an expert on personal and small business tax issues.  She has many years of experience in the field and extensive knowledge of IRS requirements and regulations, including individual and business tax return preparation, audits, attestations, payroll reports, and claims. Read More

McClain Accounting & Tax is a full-service accounting firm with particular emphasis in individual and small business return tax preparation, bookkeeping, sales tax, and BP claims. Read More